3-reel packet with 16-page story booklet $19.99 (viewer sold separately)

Reels and viewers are now available for ordering at specialty 3-D vendors:
>>Berezin 3d

Reels are also available from Eric's
>>Amazon shop.
Viewers are not sold there, but you can combine with reels and viewers from elsewhere on Amazon for free "super-saver" shipping.

Once you've recieved your reels, download the view-along soundtrack narrated by John Hodgman and featuring the cast >>here.

I highly recommend finding vintage viewers at flea markets, thrift stores, ebay or in your attic. They are pretty easy to come by. Millions and millions of them have been made since 1939 and The Man with F.E.E.E.T. is compatible with all of them. Many of the pre-1962 viewers are beautiful and affordable-- I recommend the Model E.